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Get ready for summer - inject and protect ONLY at Nakai Wellness Med Spa. Relax those wrinkles and be vaca ready!

Vanquish ME - Large Area Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening - Four Sessions 999.00 single session 399 most common areas, abdomen front, back, legs

Purchase 40 units of Xeomin wrinkle release get 10 FREE (Save $90) 9/unit

Belotero Filler 1.0ml 449 (lips & lipstick lines, undereye bags) Versa filler 1ml 449, Versa 1.2ml filler 499, Juvederm Ultra Filler 499

Botox Lip Flip 97.00 upper - Muscles above lips are relaxed to leave a fuller looking lip, corrects “gummy smile”
Botox Lip Flip 179.00 upper & lower - Muscles below & above lips are relaxing for fuller looking lips
Botox 10.00/unit - relaxes wrinkles for 3-5 months, also used to stop sweating, can be used to lengthen face
Xeomin 9.00/unit - relaxes wrinkles for 3-5 months, also used to stop sweating, can be used to lengthen face
Dysport 5.25/unit - Fastest acting wrinkle release, results within two to three days

Purchase new area or new sessions receive 50% off Laser Hair Removal through 9/15/19

Clear & Brilliant $259 or get a 4 pack get one free - Pigment, Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Texture, Anti - Aging, No Downtime!

Microdermabrasion $59 - Crystals remove dead skin, skin is suctioned off to leave softer, healthier looking skin, cleans out pores

Ultherapy Brow Lift (Raises brows, decreases hooding) 449 (save 400)

Fraxel - Face, Abdomen, arms, legs strecthmarks, skin tightening - free quotes

BOGO IPL Laser (pigment, pores) 299

*All injection & Laser clients take 15% off any in-stock Neocutis Skincare

Laser Cold Peel -99, 149, 199 Laser skin resurfacing- topical skin blemishes like acne, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, better looking skin, pore size reduction

Biote Hormone Replacement - Initial & Followup Lab 175, Females 350, Males 725 (females usually 3x per year, males 2x per year)

Hyperhidrosis - excessive underarm sweating regular 1099, now 899 for the month (Save $400) Lasts up to a year
Nasal Spider Veins 159 - Laser procedure for spider veins, broken capillaries
Lipo Dissolve 399 for double chin

IV Hydration Therapy - Pick a half bag $89 options for: PMS Relief, Wellness, Energy, Recovery & More (additional add ons extra)

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-Laser Hair Restoration - 200 or 4 for 699 - Laser activates dormant and shedding hair to active hair growth

-Ulthera FDA Skin Tightening - Ultrasound thermal points delivered under skin to stimulate collagen for skin tightening & lifting

-Face & Neck & Chest 3899, Neck & Face 3499, Face 2899, Neck 1899, Chest 1359

4D Facelift - $699 or 3 for 1499 - Stimulates Collagen to tighten skin, lift mid face, minimize wrinkles and give better jaw contouring (no downtime)

Skinpen PRP Microneedling Facial 259 or buy 3 get one free- Resurface skin, fine lines, acne scars & stretch marks. Add Your growth factors to enhance results for free (100 value)

Skinny Shot Pack 50.00, buy 3 get one free - 150.00 for 4 - research shows amino acids stimulate metabolism, lose inches & pounds

 B12 Injection 15.00 - Clients tell us they sleep better, energy, hair skin and nails look better

B12 Bundle - 5 injections for 60.00 - Clients tell us they sleep better, energy, hair skin and nails look better (refrigerate at home)

Frac Laser - Laser Vaporizes columns of skin to resurface, deep lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, stretchmarks (pricing per client)

Sculptra Butt Lift 8 Vials - 4900 - Uses your boy to add volume where you want it, can also use in hands, face, and above knees

We accept Care Credit, ask about the 6 months no interest financing

We offer more than 100 different services & customize treatment plans to the clients goals and budgets. Free Consultations

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