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Get ready for summer - inject and protect ONLY at Nakai Wellness Med Spa. Relax those wrinkles and be vaca ready!

Buy your favorite Neocutis eye cream (106.00 or 108.00) and get your crows feet for free with XEOMIN (incobotulinumtoxinA) as well as a complementary 15 ml Journee spf 30 4in1!

Exclusively at Nakai Wellness - Typical person uses 15-30 units of Xeomin in the crows-feet! 150-300.00 value FREE

Neocutis 4 in 1 Journee SPF 30 - 83.00 value

Vanquish ME - Large Area Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening - Four Sessions 1495.00 most common areas, Tummy, back, back of legs
Laser Cold Peel -99, 149, 199 Laser skin resurfacing- topical skin blemishes like acne, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, better looking skin, pore size reduction
Microdermabrasion $49 - Crystals remove dead skin, skin is suctioned off to leave softer, healthier looking skin
Laser Hair Removal FROM $49.00! Buy two sessions get the third FREE! (Most people need 6 sessions) all skin types
Nasal Spider Veins 159 - We use a laser to get rid of facial spider veins
Lip Filler 397/syringe  - Topical numbing is applied for comfort, fillers lasts 6-9 months - Belotero or VERSA
Botox Lip Flip 97.00 upper - Muscles above lips are relaxed to leave a fuller looking lip, corrects “gummy smile”
Botox Lip Flip 197.00 upper & lower - Muscles below & above lips are relaxing for fuller looking lips
Botox 10.00/unit - relaxes wrinkles for 3-5 months, also used to stop sweating, can be used to lengthen face
Xeomin 9.00/unit (min of 40 units) - relaxes wrinkles for 3-5 months, also used to stop sweating, can be used to lengthen face
Dysport 4.25/unit (min of 80 units) - Fastest acting wrinkle release, results within two to three days
Lipo Dissolve 399 for double chin

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-Laser Hair Restoration - 200 or 4 for 699 - Laser activates dormant and shedding hair to active hair growth

Biote/Pellet Hormone Therapy Skin Resurfacing $99 for one scar or $149 for 2+ scars (per session, 1+ sessions needed)

-Ulthera FDA Skin Tightening - Ultrasound thermal points delivered under skin to stimulate collagen for skin tightening & lifting

-Face & Neck & Chest 3199, Neck & Face 2699, Face 1899, Neck 1899, Chest 1359

4D Facelift - $699 or 3 for 1999 - Stimulates Collagen to tighten skin, lift mid face, minimize wrinkles and give better jaw contouring (no downtime)

Skinpen Microneedling Facial 199 - Resurface skin, fine lines, acne scars & stretch marks. Add Your growth factors to enhance results (+100)

Skinny Shot Pack 50.00, buy 3 get one free - 150.00 for 4 - research shows amino acids stimulate metabolism, lose inches & pounds

 B12 Injection 15.00 - Clients tell us they sleep better, energy, hair skin and nails look better

B12 Bundle - 5 injections for 60.00 - Clients tell us they sleep better, energy, hair skin and nails look better (refrigerate at home)

IPL Laser 249 or 3 for 499.00 - Face, hands, shoulders & deco - helps with sun damage, pigment, and reduce pore size

Frac Laser - Laser Vaporizes columns of skin to resurface, deep lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, stretchmarks (pricing per client)

Sculptra Butt Lift 8 Vials - 4900 - Uses your boy to add volume where you want it, can also use in hands, face, and above knees

We accept Care Credit, ask about the 6 months no interest financing

We offer more than 100 different services & customize treatment plans to the clients goals and budgets. Free Consultations

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